There were 544 entries judged and 244 registered participants, judges, and stewards.

Best of Show – Best of Show

PlaceBrewer(s)Entry NameStyleClub
1stSteven LandgrenDark And Stormy Night8B: SchwarzbierUpstate NY Homebrewers Association
2ndClinton PickettMr. Nice GuyC2E: Cider with Herbs/SpicesBrewminaries
3rdJim ManganielloBig Green Eyes22A: Double IPALIBME
4thDan RoebuckCostco KillerM2E: MelomelMASH NJ

Best of Show – Brewer's Choice

Winner to be brewed at KCBC!

Brewer(s)Entry NameStyleClub
Steven LandgrenDark And Stormy Night8B: SchwarzbierUpstate NY Homebrewers Association

Winning Entries

Table 1: 18 & 19: Pale, Amber & Brown American Beer (21 entries)

1stPedro SantosCharlie Boy19C: American Brown Ale
2ndJeremy GrossUrban Sombrero Pale Ale 18B: American Pale Ale
3rdTravis MullenPapaya Pale Ale18B: American Pale Ale

Table 2: 21: American & Specialty IPAs (50 entries)

1stTom JamborMember Berries21A: American IPA
2ndRyan Schumann
Co-Brewer: Dead Puppet Beer
I Like Cats21B: Specialty IPA
3rdChris CassattoSlack Tide21A: American IPA
HMTom JamborShadow's Fall21B: Specialty IPA

Table 3: 20: American Porter & Stout (24 entries)

1stBen JankowskiOscar20C: Imperial Stout
2ndZachary RuskiewiczThe Last Overture20C: Imperial Stout
3rdAlex CiganLeft-Handed Compliment20A: American Porter

Table 4: 22A: Double IPA (12 entries)

1stJim ManganielloBig Green Eyes22A: Double IPA
2ndDan RoebuckHop Hash22A: Double IPA
3rdDana KingMoon Shot IIPA22A: Double IPA

Table 5: 9: Strong European Beer (16 entries)

1stEric BlaineBaltic Porter9C: Baltic Porter
2ndTom WeberWebinator9A: Doppelbock
3rdMichael MarinoBaltic Pierre 9C: Baltic Porter

Table 6: 1: Standard American Beer (15 entries)

1stSheri Jewhurst
Co-Brewer: Otto Berkes Jr.
Nailed It1C: Cream Ale
2ndJosh Youngman#225 Rager PBR1B: American Lager
3rdJosh Youngman#227 Rager Lite Lager1A: American Light Lager

Table 7: 2,3,4: International, Czech & Pale Malty European Lagers (8 entries)

1stAlex KalafMunich Helles4A: Munich Helles
2ndDoug WilliamsThe Darkness2C: International Dark Lager
3rdPeter Kobel
Co-Brewer: Peter Kobel, Lewis Kobel, Emily Kobel
Tmave Specialni Pivo3D: Czech Dark Lager

Table 8: 5: Pale Bitter European Lager (17 entries)

1stJosh Youngman#224 Rager Dortmund5C: German Exportbier
2ndRussell Smith
Co-Brewer: Pia Sen
Freundschaft5B: Kolsch
3rdTom WeberThe Intergalactic5B: Kolsch

Table 9: M1/M3B/M4: Traditional, Spice, Herb or Vegetable & Specialty Mead (10 entries)

1stWilliam CarleyBatch OneM1C: Sweet Mead
2ndPhil ClarkeButterbean!M1B: Semi-Sweet Mead
3rdDoug WilliamsToxicM1C: Sweet Mead
HMBrett Boyanowski
Co-Brewer: Ingrid Borges, Clinton Pickett
Sweetened MeadM1C: Sweet Mead

Table 10: 6 & 8: Amber Malty European Lager & Schwarzbier (8 entries)

1stSteven LandgrenDark And Stormy Night8B: Schwarzbier
2ndJosh RobertsStare With Me Into The Abyss8B: Schwarzbier
3rdOtto Berkes JrSmoke This6B: Rauchbier

Table 11: 7: Amber Bitter European Lager (10 entries)

1stOvieh MosleyAmber Kellerbier7C: Kellerbier
2ndJosh Youngman#222 Rager Vienna7A: Vienna Lager
3rdPeter BakerLong Island Alt7B: Altbier
HMChris BonacorsaZwickelbier7C: Kellerbier

Table 12: 10: German Wheat Beer (8 entries)

1stAlex CiganWeizen A Name?10C: Weizenbock
2ndTracy RickelsDunk-A-Dunk10B: Dunkels Weissbier
3rdChristophe DelasGerman Hefe10A: Weissbier

Table 13: C1: Standard Cider & Perry (14 entries)

1stClinton PickettMr. RitterC1A: New World Cider
2ndRick BajornasPaulisimoC1A: New World Cider
3rdTom WeberFizzy Lifting DrinkC1A: New World Cider

Table 14: 11 & 12: British Bitter & Pale Commonwealth Beer (12 entries)

1stLarry SprovieriEnglish IPA12C: English IPA
2ndJames BrooksAuzzie Ale12B: Australian Sparkling Ale
3rdJohn DiSpiritoFat Proper11C: Strong Bitter

Table 15: 13: Brown British Beer (18 entries)

1stMichael SheehanBaby Poop Brown13B: English Brown Ale
2ndAndrew ShumwayScupper Brau13B: English Brown Ale
3rdJames DalyProper Manners13A: Dark Mild

Table 16: 14 & 15: Scottish Ale & Irish Beer (9 entries)

1stTom JamborIrish Hello15B: Irish Stout
2ndPedro SantosMC Boggie14C: Scottish Export
3rdChris BonacorsaScottish14B: Scottish Heavy

Table 17: 24: Belgian Ale (9 entries)

1stDustin PopeBrence De Garde24C: Biere de Garde
2ndKarl WeissRare Gnome24B: Belgian Pale Ale
3rdKenneth SchultzAngry Dragon Belgian Witbier24A: Witbier

Table 18: 16: Dark British Beer (21 entries)

1stRick BrenchakDeathly Hollows16B: Oatmeal Stout
2ndJohn Coyle
Co-Brewer: Stella Blue Coyle
Grand Pa Bob's Bionic Stout16D: Foreign Extra Stout
3rdMichael ChilternBranko's Oatmeal Milk Stout16A: Sweet Stout

Table 19: 17 & 22B/C: Strong Ale (19 entries)

1stWilliam CarleyMister Mayhem17D: English Barleywine
2ndMarc Gorfinkle
Co-Brewer: The Brähery (Marc Gorfinkle, Andy Blazaitis, Devin Stewart, Ivan Durt)
Bäd Influence22C: American Barleywine
3rdJames Woods-CorwinWee Heavy17C: Wee Heavy
HMAllen WallaceWallace Wee Heavy17C: Wee Heavy

Table 20: 23: European Sour Ale (21 entries)

1stWilliam CarleyCulture Of Personality23E: Gueuze
2ndOskar Norlander
Co-Brewer: Peter Salmond/Erik Norlander
Mango Lambic 201723F: Fruit Lambic
3rdBrett TaylorChoropleth23B: Flanders Red Ale

Table 21: 25: Strong Belgian Ale (26 entries)

1stBrian ZamkotowiczBelgian Lawnmower25B: Saison
2ndMichael MarinoCaveat Imbiber25C: Belgian Golden Strong Ale
3rdJason ChangSaison DuChang25B: Saison

Table 22: 26: Trappist Ale (27 entries)

1stDavid StomskiTwenty-Sixteen Year Of The Monkey26D: Belgian Dark Strong Ale
2ndMichael MarinoDubbel Kismet26B: Belgian Dubbel
3rdTracy RickelsQuadrelicious26D: Belgian Dark Strong Ale

Table 23: 27: Historical Beer (11 entries)

1stJason ChangGoseface Killah27A: Historical Beer
2ndDan RoebuckRoggenbier27A: Historical Beer
3rdJohn Coyle
Co-Brewer: Stella Blue Coyle
Polish Hammer27A: Historical Beer

Table 24: 28: American Wild Ale (38 entries)

1stKarl WeissWild Friendship Celebration28B: Mixed Fermentation Sour Beer
2ndAllen WallaceWild Cherry28C: Wild Specialty Beer
3rdNick LaddSour Amber W/ Cherries28C: Wild Specialty Beer

Table 25: 29: Fruit Beer (21 entries)

1stJosh YoungmanRager Raspberry Berlinner29A: Fruit Beer
2ndRobert ToddCocoa-Melba Imperial Porter 29A: Fruit Beer
3rdJason ChangGoseberry Killah29A: Fruit Beer

Table 26: 30: Spiced Beer (35 entries)

1stPia Sen
Co-Brewer: Russell Smith
Kulfi Wallah30A: Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer
2ndMike JonesPepper Coast Pale30A: Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer
3rdJohn Coyle
Co-Brewer: Stella Blue Coyle
Pumpkin Pie Saison30B: Autumn Seasonal Beer
HMTyler MarchCumber Party 30A: Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer

Table 27: 33: Wood Beer (18 entries)

1stDAVID PHILLIPSDark Secrets Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout33B: Specialty Wood-Aged Beer
2ndChris BonacorsaRIS33B: Specialty Wood-Aged Beer
3rdJason ChangOld Zangief33B: Specialty Wood-Aged Beer
HMJohn LeeAdmiral Vasily 33B: Specialty Wood-Aged Beer

Table 28: 31 & 34: Alternative Fermentable & Specialty Beer (14 entries)

1stAllen WallaceFlemish Godfather34B: Mixed-Style Beer
2ndPhil ClarkeHoneylingus31B: Alternative Sugar Beer
3rdTravis Mullen
Co-Brewer: Chris Bianrosa, Andrew Salomone & Josh Solar-Doherty
Chocolate Hazelnut Porter34C: Experimental Beer
HMTom JamborCherry/Wood Aged Pious 12 34B: Mixed-Style Beer

Table 29: C2: Specialty Cider & Perry (15 entries)

1stClinton PickettMr. Nice GuyC2E: Cider with Herbs/Spices
2ndBrett Boyanowski
Co-Brewer: Clinton Pickett, Ingrid Borges, Ryan Boyanowski
Mouth Waterin' Melon CiderC2B: Cider with Other Fruit
3rdEric Wassmuth2015 CiderC2B: Cider with Other Fruit

Table 30: M2/M3A: Fruit/Fruit & Spiced Mead (12 entries)

1stDan RoebuckCostco KillerM2E: Melomel
2ndJapheth FitzpatrickCyserM2A: Cyser
3rdKarl WeissBest's CyserM2A: Cyser

Table 31: 32: Smoked Beer (5 entries)

1stPeter Tripp
Co-Brewer: John Danyi
Mesquite Smoked Pumpkin Porter32B: Specialty Smoked Beer
2ndKendall Alvarez Eskew
Co-Brewer: Brewed By Diana Arinovich (not Kendall)
Smoked Porter32A: Classic Style Smoked Beer
3rdShaun AnankoSmoked Porter32A: Classic Style Smoked Beer